Your best clients are crossing state lines. Are you going with them?

As lawyers, we understand the limitations of being licensed in less than fifty states. Pro hac vice admission provides you the flexibility to serve your most valuable clients in any jurisdiction. It comes with great responsibility. Retaining the right local counsel for the job is one way to justify the trust your client has placed in you.

Has local counsel been your ally?

Local counsel is more than just an administrative requirement. The right local counsel is a valuable ally in your client’s case and strengthens your client relationship. They will understand the nuances of practice in their jurisdiction. Most importantly, working with you, they will protect your client’s interest, which is in your best interest as well. You have options when it comes to retaining local counsel; the option to avoid is settling for whomever you can find at the last minute, regardless of their qualifications. This can happen when time is of the essence and our professional networks do not extend so far as the jurisdiction in which we need admission.

This is what we do for you.

Here is why was created… by attorneys, for attorneys. Our mission is to provide the best alternative to frantic emails and phone calls in search of someone who knows someone where you need local counsel. We know the attorneys who appear on this site: we speak to them, learn about their experience, and verify that they are ready to take local counsel work when it comes their way. We vet them so you can start your search with a shortlist of very qualified, available candidates.

In addition to synergy, here is what you can expect:

  • Experience: Attorneys who appear here have either given us the name of an attorney for whom they have acted as local counsel, which we verified -OR- have offered proof that they were lead trial counsel in two or more trials.
  • Protection: All of the attorneys who appear on this site had malpractice insurance at the time they signed up. (We expect them to stay insured, but please confirm).

As you can see, is far more than just a directory. It is a collaborative resource that extends your professional network wherever you need it.

Join us.

If you have local counsel or trial experience, we invite you to join us. Reach attorneys around the country who need counsel now. Nearly fifteen percent of all civil lawsuits filed each day in the United States (thousands of cases) involve the assistance of local counsel, and the figure is growing annually.

Drop us a line for a one-page summary of the benefits a local counsel practice can bring to your firm.