Pro hac Vice Admission and Local Counsel

Attorneys from out of state who wish to litigate cases in Florida must associate with local counsel. We provide required forms and answers to common questions about admission, always at no charge.

The rules for pro hac vice admission in the state, federal, and bankruptcy courts differ. For more information about the federal or bankruptcy district in which you need admission, use the following links:

Local Counsel

These firms are available right now to associate as local counsel in Florida:


Forms for Pro Hac Vice Admission in Florida

Common Questions

Answers to Common Questions About Florida Pro Hac Vice Admission

Is there a fee?
There is a $250 non-refundable application fee made payable to the Florida Bar and a $100 statutory fee which is made payable to the clerk of the court in which pro hac vice admission is sought.
Local Counsel Required?
The Florida Bar does require a pro hac vice applicant to associate with local counsel in Florida to appear in the Florida courts. Local FLorida counsel can also provide valuable insights into the local practice climate that will benefit your client. Choose from available local counsel on the Local Counsel tab on the left.
What documents do I need?
Pro hac vice admission in Florida requires a Verified Motion for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice. Download the sample form for free on the Forms tab on the left.
How do I apply?
File the Verified Motion for Leave to Appear in the court in which admission is sought. Mail the application fee to the Florida Bar and make the statutory fee to the clerk of the court at the time of filing the Motion for Leave to Appear. Be sure that the Motion for Leave to Appear includes the name, business address, and telephone number of the pro hac vice applicant.