US District Court for the District of Utah Pro Hac Vice

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Is there a Fee?

Yes. Local counsel is a condition of pro hac vice practice in the District of Utah. Local counsel can also provide valuable insights into matters of local practice that can assist you in the representation of your client. Find available local counsel by choosing the Local Counsel tab on this page.

What Documents Do I Need?

Local counsel should file a Notice of Appearance if he or she has not done so. Local counsel then can file the Motion for Admission with accompanying documents into the case in which admission is sought. The fee is payable online at the time of filing. A Word version of the Proposed Order should be emailed to the appropriate judge for signature, copying all counsel and including the case name and title as the subject. Once signed, the Order will be entered on the docket by the clerk's office and pro hac vice counsel will be added to the case.

How do I Apply?

Admission to the District of Utah requires a Motion, Application, Proposed Order, and electronic filing registration form. Download free sample forms by choosing the Forms tab on this page.

Is Local Counsel Required?

The fee to practice pro hac vice in the District of Utah is $15.