Connecticut Pro Hac Vice Counsel & Admission Rules

Connecticut Pro Hac Vice Admission Rules & Lawyers

Pro Hac Vice Connecticut


Is there a fee

There are two fees for pro hac vice admission in the Connecticut courts. There is a $620 filing fee for the Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice made payable to the Clerk of the Superior Court, and another fee of $75 to the Client Security Fund. The Client Security Fund fee is assessed annually, and can be made by check mailed to Client Security Fund, P.O. Box 1379, Hartford, Connecticut, 06143-1379, once the applicant is admitted and receives a Juris number.

What documents do I need?

You will need an Application for Admission Pro Hac Vice and an Affidavit of the Applicant to gain pro hac vice admission to the Connecticut courts.

How do I apply?

Local Connecticut counsel should file the Application for Admission and the Affidavit in the court in which admission is sought. The applicant should also notify the Connecticut State Grievance Committee of the application. More instructions are available in the sample Affidavit on the Forms tab.

Is local counsel required

Local Connecticut counsel is required for pro hac vice admission to the superior courts of Connecticut. Local attorneys have valuable insights on practicing in Connecticut which will benefit your client.