New Jersey Pro Hac Vice Counsel & Admission Rules

New Jersey Pro Hac Vice Admission Rules & Lawyers

Pro Hac Vice New Jersey


Is there a fee

Yes. A check payable to the NJ Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection in the amount of $212.00 for each attorney being admitted, paid on an annual basis.

What documents do I need?

You will need a Pro Hac Vice Form 18 document, an application for admission pro hac vice, and a Court Order granting admission.

How do I apply?

Submit a signed copy of the Court Order granting admission and the Pro Hac Vice Form 18 to the New Jersey Courts. If the judge requires payment before signing the Order, please send a copy of the unsigned Order. Then, send a copy of the signed Order when it becomes available. If you are appearing before a board or commission and there is no Court Order, indicate this in a cover letter and submit copies of your paperwork.

Is local counsel required

Yes. The State Bar of New Jersey requires out-of-state attorneys to associate with local counsel to gain admission pro hac vice before the New Jersey courts. In addition to the rules requiring it, local counsel's understanding of the local legal practice will benefit your client.