North Carolina Pro Hac Vice Counsel & Admission Rules

North Carolina Pro Hac Vice Admission Rules & Lawyers

Pro Hac Vice North Carolina


Is there a fee

Yes. Submit a fee in the amount of $225.00 to one of the following: (i) for judicial proceedings, the presiding clerk of court or (ii) for administrative proceedings, the presiding administrative agency. The clerk of court or administrative agency will distribute the fees to the State Treasurer and the NC State Bar. Do not submit payment to the NC State Bar.

What documents do I need?

For in state counsel, a notice of appearance in the case will be required. For out of state counsel, an application for admission pro hac vice, which includes statements by both local counsel and pro hac vice counsel, will be required. Furthermore, an order should be submitted to the court hearing the action and a registration form to the State Bar will be required.

How do I apply?

Submit the application for admission pro hac vice to the court which is hearing the matter. Upon entry of the order granting admission pro hac vice, submit a copy of the order and the pro hac vice admission registration statement to the North Carolina State Bar within 30 days. The state bar will email to confirm your temporary admission, and you should notify the bar when the matter concludes.

Is local counsel required

Yes. The State Bar of North Carolina requires out-of-state attorneys to associate with local counsel to gain admission pro hac vice before the North Carolina courts. In addition to the rules requiring it, local counsel's understanding of the local legal practice will benefit your client.