Pennsylvania Pro Hac Vice Counsel & Admission Rules

Pennsylvania Pro Hac Vice Admission Rules & Lawyers

Pro Hac Vice Pennsylvania


Is there a fee

Yes. There is a $375 non-refundable fee to the Pennsylvania Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts Board, payable online at

What documents do I need?

You will need a Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice, Verified Statement of Non-Resident Counsel, and Verified Statement of Sponsor.

How do I apply?

Once the fee is paid online, counsel will receive an Acknowledgment that should be attached to the Motion for Admission. File the Motion and the Verified Statements in the court in which admission is sought.

Is local counsel required

Yes. The Pennsylvania Board on Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts sets forth the rules on pro hac vice admission and requires non-resident attorneys to associate with local counsel in Pennsylvania as a requirement of admission. Local counsel can also provide valuable insight into matters of local practice that can assist you in representing your client.