California Pro Hac Vice Counsel & Admission Rules

California Pro Hac Vice Admission Rules & Lawyers

Pro Hac Vice California


Is there a fee

The fee is $50 for pro hac vice admission in California superior courts.

What documents do I need?

You will need an Application for Admission Pro Hac Vice, an Affidavit in support, and a Notice of Hearing.

How do I apply?

The applicant must petition the court for permission to appear in a particular case. In addition to the petition filed with the state court, a copy of the documents filed with the court "including notice of hearing" must be uploaded to the State Bar Applicant Portal. The filing fee is due along with the application to the State Bar.

Is local counsel required

Yes. The State Bar of California requires an out-of-state attorney to associate with local counsel for cases pending in the California superior courts. You should consider using a local California attorney as local counsel (as opposed to a California licensed attorney who practices elsewhere) because local attorneys are most familiar with matters of local practice and unique aspects of California law, including the elected judiciary.